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Electrical requirements for installing solar panels on your home

Jul 24

It's exciting to install solar panels inside your home. You can save money on your electric bill and make a difference in the environment by installing solar panels. Most people feel that installing solar panels is simple when you locate a chandler solar company that you like, you purchase the panels, get some gadgets to connect all of it up to your home, then pay the installer, and then you have solar panels! For some, however the process of installing solar panels may be more complicated and can be more expensive.

There are certain requirements which must be fulfilled before solar panels are installed. Most homes that don't meet these requirements are older and require modifications, or have less expensive main combined panels that in the long run results in higher costs for homeowners. In addition, there are ways homeowners building new homes can do to ensure maximum performance with solar at home.


In this article, we'll cover the main upgrades needed to meet electrical panel requirements for solar. We'll also go through steps new homeowners are able to take to help enable the integration of solar panels at home easier and less expensive.

Upgrades Needed For Solar Home Compatibility

Electrical Panel Upgrade

A electrical panel can be described as a kind of service box that connects electricity lines to homes and distributes electrical currents throughout the house. A panel upgrade to electrical is usually necessary for newer homes if the amperage of the panel that is in use isn't enough to take on the solar panel's electricity. Most homes require a panel capable of handling 200 amps. But, there are alternatives based on the needs of your house. We've seen this replacement cost anywhere between hundreds of dollars to thousands or a few thousand dollars depending on the switch needed.

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For older homes

An electrical panel upgrade is usually required because the panel is outdated to be able to handle the conversion of solar panels. If you're worried about the need for an electrical panel upgrade for solar power, talk about your current system via a virtual meeting with a solar chandler or even send us a picture of your existing system to know your best options.


Improvement of electrical wiring

Electrical conduits for homes must be run through the roof in order to be compatible with solar panel systems. The specific upgrades required can affect the labor and material costs. Factors to consider asking your solar installer include, will rewiring be necessary? Copper grounding, subpanels, and split-circuits in need of additional attention? Are there outlets, fixtures or fittings damaged and require replacement? All of these aspects need to be considered and where necessary, upgraded before home solar installation is able to take place.


Roof Replacement or Upgrade

Solar panels can last for longer than 30 years. It is essential to improve your roof prior to installing solar panels. This will ensure that they won't require any repairs or removals. For certain roofing systems, it's as easy as re-shingling the roof to make it ready for solar panels to be installed. Some roofs might require total replacements to accommodate the new installation. Before solar power systems near you are installed, check with Advosy Energy.

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